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grcmmms's Journal

The Gumshoe Gumption
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This is a sort of [whodunit] community for certain [stealthy] "employees" and their beloved "Murder Mystery Series." This is, obviously, only for fun and really isn't [that] shady. Any likeness to any living person, place, or thing is purely coincidental...and [not at all] a true account of any actual past, present, or future happenings. Unfortunately [for the protection of those involoved] this community is only open to certain "employees" of a certain "organization" and is not open to the general public...as well as many of the other "employees" of said "organization."

"We are women who like murder. No further comment." (Author #1)
agatha christie (especially poirot), cat and mouse games, choose your own adventure, cloak and dagger murder, clue, elizabeth peters, law and order, tweed, wishbone as sherlock holmes