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Vol. 1 Hands on Murder part 12 [Apr. 11th, 2007|03:03 pm]
The Gumshoe Gumption


[Current Location |Cowering by the stairs in the basement (near the hose)]
[mood |scaredscared]

Huldah backed out of the workshop so quickly that she banged into the door, no doubt leaving an ugly bruise behind on her shoulder. Her eyes were wide and wild - it wasn't the shock of seeing Aziza and Filbert doing the nasty that sent Huldah's mind reeling, but rather the shock of seeing someone, someone she knew, someone she worked with, lurking in the shadows...and was that the glint of a knife she had seen?

A high pitched soft hissing stream of swear words tumbled out of Huldah's mouth. Flight or fight kicked in - fuck em all, she thought and she ran, careening off the walls in her panic.

Huldah ran past the main storage room and the booze room, fumbled the door to the stairs open and dropped to the side, hoping she was hidden. Her breath came fast and harsh - she really should quit smoking - and her eyes were so wide they all but bugged out of their sockets. And she listened, straining to hear anything over her gasping. Huldah held her breath, and in the silence that followed, she did hear something, or rather someone. Someone breathing behind her, someone who was trying to be quiet, but their irregular breathing betrayed the excitement.

Huldah whimpered, quickly stifling the sound with her hand. Who was it? It couldn't be...could it? Oh shit, shitshitshitohshitohshit

A hand dropped on her shoulder, and her heart seemed to explode.

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